Vision & Promise

Our Promise: Future Employability

The 21-century global economy, impacts our daily lives at a fast pace, driven by innovations in many aspects. Inspiring times in which we are enabled to explore new opportunities. At the same time demanding times, in which we are required to quickly relate to a new situation or environment to make a valuable contribution.  Companies require competences today, which may no longer be sufficient tomorrow or change even more dramatically over time.  

Our promise: Future Employability
Acquiring more knowledge or becoming more experienced in what you do by itself is not enough.  Developing your personal skills, the skills to adapt, and experiencing different environments is an increasing valuable asset for your career, your Future Employability.

If you join Forexx, we will explore the assignments which will deepen your knowledge and skills, and especially broaden your scope. Meanwhile Forexx will support you by training, personal coaching and interactive knowledge sessions with colleagues and/or clients. All within the trusted framework of long term employment.

As a client you may trust team Forexx and it’s individual tech-consultants on making a valuable contribution to the development of your technology and products, increasing your business potential. You will come to appreciate Forexx and it’s employees to a level that, acknowledging mutual interests, some might ultimately find their future employment within your organization.


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