Forexx expats

Expat onboarding at Forexx

At Forexx, knowledge and experience has litteraly no boarders. Why would you limit your search for the right employee to the Netherlands? We make it possible to hire foreign employees, without it costing you extra time and energy.

As a acknowledged referee for the IND, we make it easy for you to employ expats, by taking care of the entire relocation- and integration process. This entails that we arrange the working permit and visa for the employee. Next, we provide housing, transportation, and insurance. We even open a bank account for the employee, which he can use immediately after his arrival here. Only this way, he can start his first day care-free.

Once the employee works at your company, we will keep in close contact with the both of you. Is there something that needs to be arranged? No problem, we will take care of everything.

Do you consider hiring expats? We would love to assist you with that. Please contact one of our team members, and ask for the possibilities.