Expat onboarding

Expat onboarding at Forexx

As a Forexx employee we put you first. We therefore consider a smooth start of your first working day to be essential. That is why we help you with all sorts of things that are important when you move to the Netherlands.

Everything starts with arranging your work permit and your visa, which we do in cooperation with a specialized organization. Later they can also check whether you are eligible for the 30% ruling (tax benefit).

When the permit and the visa have been applied for, we support you in the search for suitable housing. Based on your wishes, we try to complete this search entirely before your actual arrival in the Netherlands, so that only the collection of the keys has to be done. To this end we have well established contacts with various brokers throughout the Netherlands.

If housing has been arranged, and your arrival date in the Netherlands is known, we will plan your first day in the Netherlands. We schedule an appointment with the bank, and we also make an appointment with the municipality in which you are going to live. Of course we will let you know which documents you need for both appointments, so that you can appear well prepared. In this way all formalities have been completed before starting your new job at Forexx.

In short, Forexx is not only your employer, but onboarding at Forexx means getting the best support you can get while relocating to the Netherlands!

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