Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Future Employability is all about enabling you to explore your talents and pursuing career opportunities. Investing in our employees’ development is therefore a key element of our companies profile. Your learning and development at Forexx has a 3-years coaching program as the linking thread throughout your personal development in alignment with your assignments at our clients.

At the start of your job at Forexx, an independent coach will be assigned to you by our partner Pontes Group, a company with 20 years of 0experience in coaching highly educated tech professionals. An assessment based on our five core values serves as a guidance for your personal coaching agenda. In about 7 coaching sessions on a yearly basis, you will reflect with your coach on the progress of your personal development, aspects that proceed as desired, things you encounter and perceive as challenging and might require specific training and attention. Your Forexx account manager will be involved to define these specific needs on hard and soft skills and will support you to receive adequate training and courses.

To broaden your scope outside your daily field of expertise, you can attend our ForCE sessions (Forexx Competence and Expertise). A colleague, client or external partner will give you a glimpse of their work field, expertise or business during an interactive and informal evening session including food and drinks.

In the end, with a broader perspective and well developed personal (soft) skills, you will easily relate to changing requirements and new environments. Your competitive edge over other smart tech people.


Learning & Development is essential