Working in Manufacturing

We work with the best professionals within High-tech & Manufacturing.

Our professionals continuously develop their skills during projects at the most diverse organizations. Afterwards, they leave this knowledge behind with the clients and share it with our professionals. Moreover, during a project we stick to a tight schedule, interim delivery times and evaluations. This ensures that everything is carried out satisfactorily and delivered on time.

High-tech & Manufacturing

The Dutch high-tech & manufacturing industry consists of a great diversity of companies engaged in the development and use of complex systems, products and technologies. It is a knowledge-intensive sector, driven by engineering and research & development, where innovation is stimulated. This industry plays an important role in devising and realizing solutions for all kinds of challenges around the world. And is an important driver for the Dutch economy. Due to the speed at which developments take place, but also the emergence of new technology, it is important that the adaptability of employees continues to improve, agility and flexibility increase, and that risks are reduced. In other words; transformation, modernization and acceleration on the human, technology and digital axis.

Our High Tech & Manufacturing Professionals

Forexx has the best High Tech & Manufacturing professionals for various positions within a project. In doing so, we create synergy between the various market players and we know how to promote it. In this way, our professionals are of added value for all our clients.

Our professionals are able to make an assignment a success by providing the deployment with their knowledge and experience. We work for various High Tech & Manufacturing companies, such as ASML, Philips, VDL, Vencomatic, ACE and various consultancy and engineering firms.

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