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Jessica: "I take myself, others and Forexx to a higher level."

As a senior licensing officer, Jessica has seen it all. But still, she wants more! And she gets that opportunity at Forexx, where she uses her knowledge and experience to get the best out of herself and others.

Thinking about the future of Forexx
"At Forexx I have a very cool challenge: I get to build and expand the business of civil construction licensing. Using my expertise, I bring together a top-notch team to achieve the organisation's goals. I really enjoy working with the rest of my team to figure out how can we achieve the desired end result – no matter what. Now, I can use my expertise to harness the power of the Forexx team.

Forexx feels like family
"Thanks to Forexx, I have grown as a person and I believe more in my own abilities. I credit our supportive way of working. There’s always an eye for each other, an eye for what everyone wants and an eye for everyone's development. At Forexx everyone listens to you and takes a genuine interest in helping you to grow and realise your dreams. This allows me to raise myself, others and the organisation to a higher level."

Hidden talents discovered
"When people said to me that I would be a good manager, I never believed it. I was too insecure. Now, in my current assignment, I am coaching and mentoring junior licensing officers. With my help they become the best version of themselves. They grow professionally and individually – and they gain self-confidence. Forexx has brought out this talent in me. Together we’ll look at how I can take my leadership skills to the next level."

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