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Richard: "Forexx lifts companies to a higher level"

Richard says the best thing about being a management consultant at Forexx is working for companies that are ready for the next wave of innovation. Together with Forexx he lifts these companies to a higher level.

Enabling organisations to grow
"At Forexx I advise clients on opportunities for growth. I work at the most fascinating companies, each with their own dynamics, disciplines and new technological developments. I can’t help myself but the software engineer in me gets very excited by new things. It’s very instructive. I also think about the future of Forexx. How can we be the best employer for our professionals and the best partner for our clients? Everyone at Forexx gets a chance to think these thoughts, by the way. It’s all part of the challenge!"

Visible results
"I chose Forexx because of the concept. Forexx takes on people with experience at large companies and uses their knowledge at smaller organisations. Organisations that can often learn a lot from the work processes in large companies. It’s a great concept, because you’re making a visible contribution to such an organisation. It really gives me energy when our work bears fruit and our customers are happy!"

Using each other's superpowers
"What makes Forexx so strong is that we know exactly what we are good at. We know each other and know what each person’s superpower is. We already have all the disciplines we need to really help our clients get ahead. From consulting to implementation, now and in the future. We also strengthen each other as colleagues. If I know what a teammate is grappling with, I always see if I can make their work easier and more fun. In this way, we bring each other to greater heights."

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