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The ultimate test requires the best preparation

Your job interview. The restless feeling in your body. Quite a bit of sweaty hands. What can you expect? It always is an nerve-racking moment. But not if it’s up to Forexx.
Of course we can perfectly express how we help you, but we prefer to let our professionals speak. Meet our Test Engineers.

Dion was one of the Test Engineers who started working at ASML via Forexx. Dion (27, Dutch): “I probably wouldn’t have known that ASML was recruiting if I hadn’t been in contact with Forexx. Steven (Meijer red.) introduced me at ASML and the job function. He helped me prepare for the job interviews, which helped me a lot.”

Based on the information from Dion we ensured a much more pleasant preparation to the interviews. Thanks to his experience and advice, our new Test Engineers knew much better what they could expect from the job. Jon (27, Spanish): “Forexx helped me a lot throughout the application process. First of all, in helping me to find a job that matched my skills and technical background. Then, providing a lot of information to make the interview more comfortable and helping me preparing to succeed. It is thanks to them I got to work in a company like ASML, and I am very happy and grateful about it.”

During our search for new colleagues for Dion, we looked beyond the professional profiles and focussed on the people behind the resume. This was the case for Arnout (27, Dutch) as well: “Steven said: ‘I believe in you, and I am going to find you a job’. And he did, so I am very grateful to him and for his faith in me (and for finding me such a cool job!).”

Not all our professionals live in the Netherlands. If necessary, we support our foreign employees during the entire relocation process, because we find it of great importance that they feel at home as soon as possible. Agha (26, Pakistani): Forexx helped throughout the hiring process. They supported me during the whole relocation procedure as I moved to Eindhoven from Germany, as well as managed all the documentation needed to get me started.”

At Forexx you can count on good, personal guidance to ultimately come to the goal that we are both aiming for: your new job. So if you are looking for a job, or considering to find yourself a new challenge, take a look at our vacancies. And if you don’t find yourself a match, then of course we are open to looking for a job that suits you. And maybe…. We can welcome you soon as a new Forexx professional!

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