The Future of Employability

The Future of Employability

We are Forexx. We bring knowledge and experience in the field of product engineering to organisations that are active in the fields of civil engineering, high-tech, and ship & yacht engineering. How do we do this? By connecting experienced engineers, developing them, and placing them in challenging projects through our clients.

For Expertise

Professionals join us with a clear goal in mind: to become even better at their job. They have been around for some time as engineers, so they know the ins and outs of the industry. That makes them valuable to organisations, our clients.

All our customers are experts in the technical field. They contribute to the production of a product. For example, yachts, machines, construction, or semi-finished products. Their focus is on their core activities. In order to improve, they look for cross-sector competences. In other words, the knowledge and experience that are needed in all other areas. That is why they come to us.

Our professionals work on a project basis for various clients. That is an absolute win-win situation. The more experience our professionals gain, the greater and more relevant their expertise becomes. This makes them even more interesting for our customers to involve in their latest projects.

For Excitement

Knowledge and experience is important to us. But, the real driving force is passion for the profession. Your work should put a smile on your face. After all, that is the ultimate motivation to continue growing in your career. We see it as our responsibility to create a pleasant environment for you in which you feel happy.

Everyone who sits down with us is asked 'What are your ambitions?'. On this basis, we have a good conversation that results in a personal ambition plan. And then it gets really fun! Full of mutual motivation, we embark on a coaching and training programme to achieve your personal goals.

For Exchange

The technical industry is constantly developing. This offers opportunities for both our clients and our professionals. With over twenty years of experience, we understand how to respond correctly. More importantly, we know how to always be one step ahead of the market. Our focus is on the knowledge of the future. We share this with our professionals and our clients.

We learn from each other. At Forexx, you step into a large network of interdisciplinary knowledge. We are proud of this. During frequent knowledge sessions, we share emerging trends within the market. This ranges from methods and techniques to alternative working methods and new software programmes. When this knowledge is applied on a large scale within organisations, our professionals are prepared. In that respect, we are early adapters. A real added value.

When you work with Forexx, you have a partner for life. You can trust us blindly. Together, we go for a bright future. That is The Future of Employability.