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Why work for Forexx?

Because with us, you can realise your ambitions. Our committed technical professionals have vast experience in their chosen fields. Thanks to their deep and often surprising insights, they take themselves, their projects, and you to unprecedented heights. They coach you at both a technical and a personal level and they relish thinking along with you about your developmental path – regardless of how many unexpected turns it takes.

We want to bring out the best in each other. That’s why we are striving to put together a team of 150 colleagues. In our growing team:

  • The lines of communication are short and we do never lose sight of each other;
  • There is room to work with colleagues from other domains and disciplines;
  • We can effectively exchange knowledge and ideas within different disciplines and thus discover new and unknown paths.

At Forexx, nothing stands in the way of you releasing your second power and achieving maximum personal growth!

Education & Coaching

With the help of training and courses, you can become even better at your job. From the moment you join Forexx, we work together on a personal ambition plan. You indicate the personal and professional points you wish to develop. Then, together with an experienced partner, you will look for the right tools to grow further. In addition, we keep a close eye on the trends and developments in the market and regularly organise general knowledge sessions based on our findings. In this way, we also keep each other informed of the latest innovations and methods that you can use in future projects.

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