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Global Compliance and Quality Expert Facilities



  • Sector: High Tech
  • Location: Veldhoven
  • Industry: Semiconductor industrie
  • Hours per week: 40
  • Areas of expertise: -
  • Education level: -

ASML brings together the most creative minds in science and technology to develop lithography machines that are key to producing faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient microchips. We design, develop, integrate, market and service these advanced machines, which enable our customers - the world’s leading chipmakers – to reduce the size and increase the functionality of their microchips, which in turn leads to smaller, more powerful consumer electronics. ASML employs over 25000 employees, has offices in US, Asia and Europe and is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Context of the position:
Products/services/technology and market dynamics:

For ASML it is paramount to be and remain the global leading company in lithography-based chip-making equipment inside an ecosystem of ever growing complexity. To best enable ASML’s vision, the F&M department, part of the CRE organization, strives to maintain a consistent set of physical assets through its complete lifecycle to support the production process of ASML in an optimal manner. In addition, CRE F&M is responsible to manage all buildings, grounds and services with the aim to contribute to an appealing, attractive and comfortable working environment for ASML employees and visitors. Our joint CRE strategic pillars Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability guide us in our plans and activities. The Compliancy & Quality Expert develops global quality system and processes for CRE F&M to follow laws, regulations and other policies or control mechanisms, and with that indirectly contributes to optimal production capabilities for ASML.

Position in the value chain:

CRE F&M works with several key suppliers for its hard services (asset and building maintenance) and soft services. The key suppliers manage a range of the operational and tactical activities of CRE F&M. CRE F&M acts as (strategic) demand organization towards the expertise parties by providing the (output)specifications and to ensure that delivered solutions are in compliance with specifications, performance targets and conditions set by ASML.

The Compliancy & Quality Expert develops the standards and methods to assess compliance and performance of suppliers, related to several quality criteria set by CRE F&M.

Other relevant organizational aspects: 

CRE is positioned within ASML as a global matrix organization. CRE F&M therefore bears the responsibility of assets and asset performance for all sites worldwide. Local F&M teams are responsible for the daily management and execution of asset management and FM services in compliance with (global) standards. Veldhoven is, as the largest production site worldwide, the leading facility for setting the global standards and asset performance requirements.

About the job

Job Mission: 

  • -In a complex field of stakeholders ensure that there is a recognizable, logic and uniform set of methods, instruments and processes/procedures.
  • -Manage the balance between structuring ways of working into processes, standards and methods versus pragmatism and ensuring that processes and standards are functional, easy to use and easy to find.
  • -Implementation of standard methods worldwide; acknowledging the local situation and alter applicability for various sites whilst maintaining a uniform way of working.

Job Description

The Compliancy & Quality Expert is responsible to setup, manage and maintain the global quality system and processes for CRE F&M. The purpose of the CRE F&M quality system and processes is to comply to internal (ASML) guidelines and selected guidelines that are applicable in the market of facilities and maintenance management (f.e. compliance to ISO 55000, 9001, sustainability etc.). Additionally, the Compliancy & Quality Expert is responsible to develop the quality management system for all internal processes, f.e. how to comply to contract management processes, supplier audits, transition method, strategic planning process etc.
All of this is based on and in alignment with the CRE’s strategic pillars (Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability). 
The Compliancy & Quality Expert is part of the global matrix organization and therefore is both responsible for managing the quality management processes in Veldhoven as well as supporting other teams in the world by establishing global standards, guidelines and best-practices.

About you


  • BSc/MSc in Business administration, Organization studies, Environmental studies


  • 3-7 years of relevant work experience (must)
  • Experienced in implementing and embedding quality management systems in the domain of facilities and maintenance.

Personal skills

  • Ensures accountability
  • Thinks and plans ahead
  • Independent judgement
  • Quality oriented / optimizes work processes
  • Communicative and advisory skills in English and Dutch (both are must)
  • Stakeholders management / relationship management (establishing effective networks) 
  • Ownership
  • Organization sensitivity
  • Manages complexity
  • Strategic mindset
  • Analytical and problem analysis/problem solving
  • Flexible and stress-resistance

Working at Forexx

Als Global Compliance and Quality Expert Facilities kom je in vaste dienst bij Forexx en ga je op projectbasis onze opdrachtgevers op locatie ondersteunen met jouw expertise en ervaring. Opdrachten hebben doorgaans een looptijd van 1 tot 2 jaar. Op de lange termijn betekent dit, dat je binnen enkele jaren bij Forexx meerdere projecten kunt uitvoeren, waardoor je ervaring kunt opdoen in verschillende omgevingen en branches en daarnaast met meerdere producten en technologieën. Deze diversiteit vormt samen met ons persoonlijk ontwikkelingsprogramma de basis van onze promise “Future Employability”. Hierover kun je meer lezen op onze website.

Onze persoonlijke benadering mag je ook verwachten van jouw collega’s op kantoor. Of het nu gaat om opdracht gerelateerde zaken of persoonlijke vragen. Je kunt ons altijd bellen en desgewenst kom je naar kantoor of komen we naar jou. Ontzorgen, zodat jij je 100% voor de klant en daarmee Forexx kan inzetten. Een geregeld gesprek met jouw accountmanager op opdrachtlocatie is standaard bij Forexx.

Wat mag je verder verwachten:

  • Competitief salaris en moderne secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden
  • Uitstekende faciliteiten om je in jouw werk en opdracht te ondersteunen, zoals vervoer, communicatie, administratie en training
  • Een professioneel programma gericht op persoonlijke ontwikkeling
  • Uitdagende opdrachten bij vooraanstaande opdrachtgevers a

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